CycloneOS can support your company with a variety of advanced programming options. Often, companies don’t have a dedicated programmer on staff that can deal with technical programs such as JavaScript, AJAX, PHP scripts, MySQL and other programming issues. The advantage of many of these advanced programming issues is that they take your website to the next level. If you want to implement exciting features for your site such as web-based workflow procedures or real time form processing, Cyclone OS can help you implement these features. We can help you create a simple, customized experience for the end user.

JavaScript Programming

JavaScript gives us the ability to create interactive features for your website. It allows you to customize the end user’s experience. JavaScript allows for complex and simple website tasks. JavaScript increases the accuracy of form validation. It can also provide a rollover feature for easier navigation. When JavaScript is paired with AJAX, it is possible to create web-based applications. JavaScript can also be paired with AJAX and HTML5 to create exceptional programming results.

PHP & MySQL Programming

PHP scripts allow you to implement strong security for your site. Before code is sent to the individual user’s computer, it is processed on the web server. This allows the system to validate the identity of the user and determine what content that user is allowed to have access to based on the person’s login. Administrative interfaces can be built with PHP to allow administrators to have access to additional content.

We can help you convert your system to PHP and MySQL. This will help you move your current business systems, such as inventory, time tracking and reporting away from separate, manual systems. Your business systems will become an integrated, web-based system that will provide your business with a variety of benefits. For example, if you have employees that work outside the office and create reports, your new system will simplify this process. In the past, the employee may have submitted a report to another employee so that the information could be entered in a spreadsheet or database. In a unified system, the employee in the field can enter report information into smart phone, tablet or other mobile device. The information will automatically be added to the database, which other users can access instantly.

Unified web-based systems can reduce man hours. They can also help you cut the turn-This allows for more dynamic reporting. It also allows you to monitor workflow in real-time. It will also cut your workflow time. A variety of users can instantly access data to collaborate, evaluate and work with real-time information in a variety of ways.

We can help you set up MySQL database system. This system allows you to store and access databases that are used by programs on your site. When you use blogging software like WordPress or another CMS program, you need the support of a MySQL database to store posts, articles, customer comments and other data. CycloneOS can help you set up a MySQL database that is customized to work with your individual needs.

AJAX Programming

AJAX can bring your web forms and interactive pages to the modern standards that today’s user expects. When you submit a form with AHAZ, you can process it and respond to the user without having to refresh the page or direct them to a different one. AJAX also allows you to have interactive dynamic forms where changing the selection in one area updates another in real time. A good example of this is when you are entering your vehicle details on automotive site. You choose the model of the car and it updates the next selection to be specific to that model.

HTML 5 Programming

HTML5 is supported across major browsers and most mobile devices. HTML5 allows users to have more flexibility. They can perform more functions in-house. HTML5 helps users build more exciting and interactive sites. There are many enhancements and forms that improve functions like database support, multimedia and processing speed.

CycloneOS is a partner that understands HTML 5 and can help you take advantage of its power. We provide benefits that can make your business website function smoothly. We provide hosting services that meet your bandwidth needs. Our disk space and bandwidth are carefully mapped out and are never oversold. We provide a real-time malware scanner that scans web files for malicious scripts and viruses every time the file is accessed.

CycloneOS provides streamlined technical support. All our support is local and is never outsourced to other companies or countries. All of our technical support representatives are highly trained to resolve your problems. You won’t have to wait for your issue to be elevated. The original support representative you contact can fully assist you.