JetPack and Artisteer CSS Problem – scroll bars around social media icons

If you are using a WordPress theme created with Artisteer you may see scroll bars around the Share This social network buttons from the JetPack plugin. Luckily, jetpack provides an easy place to override css so you can paste the following code in to the css editor to get rid of the scroll bars.

.art-postcontent .sharedaddy ul > li:before, .art-post .sharedaddy ul > li:before, .art-textblock .sharedaddy ul > li:before { margin: 0; }


We have tested this with WordPress 3.6, 3.61 and Jetpack 2.4.1 – 2.5

Remember to use the Jetpack CSS editor under Appearance -> Edit CSS and not the WordPress editor.  The Jetpack editor will allow you to easily revert the change if it happens to conflict with something else on your site.

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