How to change the background color in the header of Twenty Thirteen theme

I see this question a lot in the forums but since I like to troll them without registering (I hate email spam) I am posting the answer here.

This is for the WordPress Twenty Thirteen (2013) theme.

.site-header {

background-color: #FFF;

(Note: change the #FFF to whichever html color code you want)

Now, if you aren’t sure what to do with that code, there are two main options.

  1. Create a child theme and add it to the style.css file.  You can read how and why you should use child themes here.
  2. Use a custom css plugin and add it to it’s css area.  I like jetpack since it has a bunch of useful modules but there are plenty others if you’re not a jetpack fan.

If you haven’t tried twenty thirteen yet, you should give it a look.  It’s simple and responsive.

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