Adding or Editing Products in WooCommerce via XML-RPC

I was recently tasked with connecting an external inventory control system with WooCommerce. In this environment, the ICS is the main repository and WooCommerce is just a customer portal. After researching the WooCommerce API, I quickly found that it only supports read access for the most part. I then tried connecting through the Jetpack REST […]

How to change the background color in the header of Twenty Thirteen theme

I see this question a lot in the forums but since I like to troll them without registering (I hate email spam) I am posting the answer here. This is for the WordPress Twenty Thirteen (2013) theme. .site-header { background-color: #FFF;} (Note: change the #FFF to whichever html color code you want) Now, if you […]

The Benefits of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page which is the list of web pages that are returned by a search engine in response to a keyword search. Understanding these terms and how they affect your business and website is key to maximizing the effectiveness of your internet presence. There […]

JetPack and Artisteer CSS Problem – scroll bars around social media icons

If you are using a WordPress theme created with Artisteer you may see scroll bars around the Share This social network buttons from the JetPack plugin. Luckily, jetpack provides an easy place to override css so you can paste the following code in to the css editor to get rid of the scroll bars. .art-postcontent […]

Remove NULL or empty values from a PHP array

I found this simple code while searching. To remove emtpy ( “” ) values and NULL values: $new_array_without_nulls =($array_with_nulls); To remove only NULL values but ignore empty strings, etc: $new_array_without_nulls = array_filter($array_with_nulls, ‘strlen’); Credit goes to Brian Cray for the original post.